French born Ameera initially trained in Latin dances, discovered and developed her love and passion in Egyptian Oriental dancing.  She has trained and performed internationally on 3 continents, in theatres, nightclubs, restaurants, weddings, hen parties and charity events.   She won the award for best oriental dancer, in a dance competition in Michigan – USA in 2006. In March 2011 Ameera won a national competition and gained the prestigious title of Miss Bellydance UK 2011.

Ameera spent some months in Cairo experiencing its vibrant culture, and life as an oriental dancer. She performed for Egyptian women and trained there with the best international teachers and choreographers of “Danse Orientale”. She continues her study and her love of the Egyptian dance, which gives her inspiration for new and exciting material.

Her technique and her relaxed and elegant style have been complimented by renowned masters of this Art. As a result the Middle Eastern Community has recognised her talent by frequent requests to perform for them. When Ameera is on stage, her audience is captivated by her natural flare and grace.

Performer, Ameera is also an experienced dance teacher, a qualified fitness instructor and a licensed Zumba instructor.  Her approachable nature and her sense of humour create a safe and fun environment for everybody to enjoy her classes.

Who is your ‘Idol’ in the belly dancing world?

I don’t have one idol in the Belly Dancing world, but I have been motivated by a lot of dancers.  Rosie Mockler was my first teacher and inspired me to start Belly Dancing. It became an obsession of mine to watch footage of Mona Said and Fifi Abdo, stars of the Golden Era of Egyptian dancing.  Then I met Aida Nour from Egypt who influenced my new style of dancing.  While living in Cairo for a few months I was lucky enough to train intensively with Sara Farouk who helped refine my dance style, whilst being introduced to this amazing culture.


... Ameera